Should I approach her or does she think the im a creeper?

Kay so today during English class we had to work on a team of two and while i was talking with my class mate i looked around me. I noticed a pretty girl and since i found her attractive i took a flew glands at her. But the third time i did i noticed that she was staring at me (deep in my eyes) so i just looked away. We kept doing this for like 2-3 times. Should i approach her or does she thinks that im a creep?


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  • Why would she think your a creep just bc someone maybe said that to you in the past or you think your being a creep doesn’t mean your actuallly are no go talk to her your still in middle school or highs school those days are the best years time to take chances make mistakes and fix your mistakes and learn from them Good luck!! Later you will be regretting and wishing if only I have done this I wonder what it would of been like you pick

    • Yeag tru. But in your opinion with what i just said, do you think she finds me attractive?

    • I don't know maybe or she just looks at everyone like that or your thinking too much about how she looked at you don’t just assume stuff that’s how complicated stuff gets

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  • If she was staring at you that much, there must be a reason. Did you have something hanging out of your nose?

    • Nope not at all

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    • No not yet

    • She may be interested in you but it would be good to know before you put yourself out there. . . especially since you are the new kid at school. Do you agree?

  • Ask her out. Carpe diem !


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