How to deal with a hypocritical situation?

Ok so me and my girlfriend of about a year are perfectly happy and I feel we both aren't looking for anything else. But a situation happened with social media where I was chased upon. As I am not used to this I dealt with this poorly and simply tried to see if it was a prank or something.

The girl then decides to look me up on separate social media and sees I do have a girlfriend so she uses my words that were supposed to end with her saying "haha I would never go out with you" and sent it to my girlfriend. Though hurt she knows I wouldn't do this and luckily sided with me but still scolds me saying I dealt with it poorly (which I did).

Now more than a few months later I see her doing the same thing. She takes pictures of me without permission often and I'm not very comfortable with that so she usually let's me delete them. So as I was going through the pictures I see a screenshot of another male trying to flatter her telling her she's beautiful and pretty. I confront her and she says the EXACT same thing I did. She's not used to this either so she investigates with no intention of getting with him and throughly rejects him. I find it so hypocritical and I'm angry because to this day she still scolds me on this when she has done the same thing.

So what would you do? Has anyone dealt with anything similar?


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