Should I end it better?

Needing some help if you don't mind. About this girl that I had a brief connection with.

In short we matched on Tinder in June and we had a great flow from the get go. We started flirting early on as well which moved into sexting. We also would have real talks about our life and our situations.

I learned early she was quite involved with her ex, who recently split up with her. Which I thought would become a problem and it did.
We however did meet twice and liked eachothers company.

She recently blocked me on social media and said over all she couldn't do what we intended, being a relationship or maybe friends with benefits.
(Distance, feelings for ex, no money)
But she was so understanding to my complications which I really appreciated.

We ended it in a cold blunt way on Monday...

I want to know should I end it in a more nice way and send one last message?


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  • Yes, tell her past all the bad that recently happen, you really appreciated her (tell her what for) and that you were on edge with all of these red flags, just say, that eventually you hope you can meet or talk again (word it however, but make sure, she knows the good outweighs the bad in you guys situation and that you enjoyed her and hope eventually you see more of her) Be real, don't be scared


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  • You should end it...
    Tell her why u ended it
    And tell her what u liked about her and how things wish it got better etc


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