Why does my boyfriend get insecure sometimes?

I’ve noticed mainly when he is drunk, he becomes insecure about things. Firstly, he is worried that when I go back to school (in a few days), i will forget about him. Or, I’ll meet someone else and leave him. He said there’s a better chance of me meeting someone than there is for him. Also, somehow the discussion came on about sexual partners. He has has way more partners than I have. He doesn’t know my number, and he said he doesn’t want to know. But, he was getting upset (but did so in a joking way), about how I’ve had more sex than he did. Because he only had sex with the girls he did about 1-2 times or so. He also talks about how I am a lot better than him. That i am so much kinder, and more considerate and smarter and a better human being.

Sometimes he talks about this stuff when he isn’t drunk. But, the other day we both got pretty drunk together and he just seemed so insecure and worried about things. I don’t know what to think.


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