What would you do? I'm SO conflicted?

I've been with my boyfriend for 15 months. He lives 167 miles away from me. We currently see each other daily; spend weekends together, see each other for a few minutes Monday morning, then Tuesday night and Wednesday, for a few minutes Thursday morning, and then we are back at the weekend. I have a very good career and he is unable to move to me because of his son; can move in 8 years. I applied for jobs by him and have a 2nd interview tomorrow, I just feel conflicted on whether to give up my career to move. I love him and want to live with him, but I worked hard to get where I am in my career. What would you do?


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  • You love him very much, it's okay. If you think that his love for you is worth leaving your job, you shouldn't leave him.

    One more thing: your situation is very difficult. Think, think and think before taking your final decision.


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  • don't put all your eggs in one basket.
    be sure you have a backup plan if it all goes to hell.
    so many questions to ask yourself.
    1) would he move for you?
    1a) are you sure?
    2) is your career situation so fragile that you'd be giving it all up and become dependent upon him?
    3) can you afford to move back if it doesn't work out?
    4) do you really need to move if you are already seeing each other every day?
    always have a "plan b."

    • He would move with me in a heartbeat if he could and I know this 100%. He hates living where he is; he's originally from a town 25 miles from me and all of his family is there.
      I can get another job, it just may not be what I'm doing now and it's starting all over; I would not be dependent on him.
      I am not selling my house. We will be there every other weekend and plan to move back there in 8 years as soon as he can move.
      I dont have to move, but the travel is taking a toll on me. I've put 20,000 miles on in 3 months driving back and forth. He comes to me every other weekend when he doesn't have his sons, but he has his 1 son the rest of the time and with sports, etc., it is not possible for him to come to me during the week.

  • never move for a boy. ITS JUST ONE BOY

    • What if I said we were planning to get married, would your opinion be different? We want to get married but not until we can be together always, so I move and we get married now, or we dont get married for 8 years.

    • Never move for a boy. ITS ONE BOY

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