If a guy goes to Thailand alone, would he have se*x there too?

So I met this guy
He's really good looking and so far I think he's a good guy
He takes me out on dates and all
He said he's not seeing anyone else
He always tries to see me every week and contacts me everyday
But then he told me about his Thailand trip few months ago

He told me that:
- he went to Thailand for 2 months ALONE
- he partied every night and gets drunk
- he had a "female" company that guides him everywhere in Thailand (e. g. Bangkok, Phuket, etc) .. he takes her to restaurants, cinema, etc

I wanted to ask him if he had sex there too but I thought that would be too personal so I didn't ask him
Do you think he had se*x in Thailand?
Do you think he had se*x with that "female" company too?
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  • Thailand is known to be a "Love Paradise".

    Almost every guy I know (my circle of friends) go there for just ONE purpose: sex. Food and entertainment is implied to get their girls.

    So I think yes, he probably had more sex than you could possibly imagine.

  • He could have butbits really no business of yours if he did. It would be pretty normal for someone to have sex if they were on vacation for 2 months.

  • You don't have to censor "sex"...

    And yeah, I think it's safe to say he goes there for some sex.

    • Its because I dont want GAG to move this topic to another category

    • Do you think he had sex with that "female" company?
      He doesn't talk to her anymore obviously

    • Possibly. Why is "female" in quotations?

      I think it's unlikely though if they went to Thailand, since they could just fuck in the US.

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