I'm 20 and still haven't been in a relationship before?

I'm not picky... and I don't think I'm that ugly, so what else could I possibly be doing wrong? Do you have any dating advice for those who have never been in love in their 20s?


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  • Advice no, but I'm in the same situation. I'm 22 and have never been in a relationship. personally, i don't try with many girls due to lack of interest which leads me to not find anyone i care for. its not that i'm not a caring person, i just don't find much of a connection with 90% of girls. You might be the same even though you're not personally picky - it may come down to spontaneous connection.

    keep at it, you'll find someone, put yourself on the market and it'll work out!

    hell, I don't know why but when i think of a certain type of girl i seem to find them - i wanted to talk to some girl who knew physics (i like it, don't judge me!) and i randomly came across someone who was studying to be a physicist, more recently I wanted to talk to a girl who laughed a lot and was super positive and hell I ran into one and she was super cool. give it a try, see if it works


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  • Don't rush it. Guys are terrified of being shot down, so they crush from a distance. Same for girls, It's common. I'd bet someone has a super crush on you right now and you don't even know it. Maybe it's someone you don't know, or do. Look out for them f-boys though, they are everywhere.

  • Oh that's nothing you got 10 more years left

    • people are having sex at 15, and have had the experience by my age

    • That doesn't matter there imoral little teens that are not even responsible if they get pregnant. Is that the Doctrine the life you want to follow by following their example? There's no way I've ever done that at there are. It shocks me that you're using a fifteen year old as an excuse that you're missing out that is just ridiculous to me big time. they're not respected and they're not setting a good example for the Youth living that lifestyle

    • Many of those teens have done that regret it later on

  • Are you fat?


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