Getting attached easily, fix it or leave it?

I've always gotten attached to anything really easily. EX. I just bought a watch and I thought about it, I wouldn't throw it away or return it if it broke because it's mine, my first watch and I care for it. Problem is, I get attached after a few days of messages with girls, starting to care for how their day's going and such. I do it with all of my friends, once you're under my wing I make sure you're happy and protected and if you're not I wanna fix it (much of my happiness comes from the happiness of others around me).

It not obsessive; I'm not thinking about them nonstop. I just like to check in and see how their day's going when they get off work or out of school, and to see if I can make their day better by making them laugh. Some may say its cute, some may say its a turn off. For me it often leads to sadness in the event things don't work out because I got attached early on.

WBU? Should I fix it or leave it
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