Has he taken me for granted?

My boyfriend treats me well, and amazing. He pays for me, walks up to the door to get me. We live an hour apart, only get to see each other once a week. He drives a lot and I drive to see him too, so it's both of us. I really like him, and am very in love. We've been dating for 7 months, almost eight. And he said I was the best thing that happened to him over text. But he's taking a class thats like 12 miles away from me, but hasn't bothered to see me. We have plans a lot of the times for the weekend cause he works during the week he cancelled a handful of times the one day we were suppose to see each other. He called into work tonight, But he didn't come see me. He didn't come to my birthday party cause he had to work, but we celebrated that weekend. He said he wished we lived closer so that traveling wouldn't be a problem, he knew that before we started dating. I asked if he still wanted to be together and he said we will work it out. I slept overnight at his parents last weekend, and that was amazing. I loved being with him and he was so sweet to me, he held my hand. I met his family and friends. I am torn, I need advice on what to do. Is he genuinely busy? When he cancels he always has a reason like he has overtime (which I get) or one time I didn't get enough sleep from work the day before and he told me to get sleep.


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  • U are asking if he is too busy when he is giving you lagitament reasons

    • What you suggesting I do?

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    • I don't fucking know I am vulnerable. Is it true?

    • If u are so vulnerable u will allow some random on here to tell u he is getting it from somewhere else and u are so ready to believe her again u shoundt be dating and don't deserve him as u sho no trust or loyalty to him

  • He loves you

    • I think I am depressed. Does he seem like a good guy?

What Girls Said 1

  • Girl, he’s getting it somewhere else.

    • Getting what?

    • ... sex and/or attention

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