Should I get with her friend or not?

I’m going to try and make this as quick as possible

About a month ago I start talking and flirting with this girl.
We hit it off & there was a bunch of flirting going on

Out of nowhere the girl gets into a relationship and starts treating me bad
So I’m stil flirtig because I can't let go that easily..
She gets mad and gets her best friend on me

Her best friend told me to just let it go.. So I did... & I started flirting with the best friend...
The best friend flirted back even harder.
To the point where it got super sexual.. like she sorta let me see her body... Not in person
& we didn’t have sex

there's something I didn’t know about the best friend... She’s wasn’t single.
She had a man, we were still flirting & I didn’t know.
So for whatever reason Not because of me

her boyfriend leaves her... So now she’s single..
she's “broken hearted”
& I’m wondering if I should stilll try and talk to her
... Even though she’s a cheater... She basically didn’t cheat with me, just showed her body
& she still was all up on it..

i don’t know how I feel about her
If I keep talking to her... it’s probably just gonna be about sex...
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  • Yeah

  • I dont believe in people who cheat. She prrobablly filrt wiith other people too.


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