Finding love in random places?

Did it happen to you? Like bus station, library, opera?


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  • If you have the confidence you could talk to almost anyone anywhere just most people don’t got it and are scared of rejection.

    • I am scared of rejection even though I know I look good and have social skills. But do you think a guy would look weird at me if i approached him in a library?

    • Ok so it’s not your looks then. So ask yourself what else is making you feel insecure. Is it money why you have doubts? Your personally maybe? Whatever it is you should try and work on it.

      And yes I think most guys would be ok with that but just don’t expect to much or go into it like you are expecting them to go out with you. That will set you up to get hurt. On the other hand if you don’t and have no attachments it’s just like having a regular conversation with a friend and you won’t get hurt if you play it right.

  • When I was 18, I had needed to get a passport and while trying to gather some documents, there was some another girl who were following my steps for the same thing too. She was just someone randomly I knew for the first time and she was lovely. Somehow, I started to fancy her and I enjoyed my time with her on that day. On further days, I added her on facebook and started talking, we dated once, but I realized I actually didn't like her at all. Later, she wanted to meet me few times, but I rejected by giving her some excuses and like a year later of it, she got married with someone.


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