Should I go to dinner or just ignore it?

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me a couple of months ago via text, pretty brutal in my opinion. I finally got over him recently as my life was getting back to normal emotionally. He just recently snap chat messaged me asking me how things were going, what I've been up to, etc.. Instead of texting or calling, he snap chat messaged me. i would like to ask you guys if I should even go out to dinner with him as he stated he wanted to catch up. I don't want to get into an emotional wreck again.


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  • If it's over, you've recovered, why would you potentially put yourself through that emotional hell again.

    • You're right. Thank you. I guess I wasn't sure if he wouldve possibly changed but I shouldn't put myself through it.

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  • If you're in a good place no reason to ruin that


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