Girls, i'm doubting my judgements what are your (serious) opinions?

Hi, i'm 16 and i work retail which is a little relevant so Saturday i was working from 10 to 4 and when i had to bring a container to the back i passed a cashier girl in a small section where only the cart could fit so i let her pass when we made eye contact she smiled awkwardly and became red as a tomato i didn't think much of that.
later when i passed her cash register she worked we made brief eye contact and she did the same thing whilst helping customers later i passed her again without eye contact and saw she was red but when i walk by and she doesn't notice me all is fine.
later i had breaktime and 5 mins in she came in because it was her breaktime and she didn't say anything, i once looked in her direction and saw she was red.
So i decided to test it when my shift was done stood in her line and when she noticed i did that on purpose she smiled awkwardly and looked away.
like 2 mins later i was talking to a friend of mine about it and he said: "oh i think i know her from school, if i'm not mistaken she already has a boyfriend." this might however not be the case due to a mistake he made or us not talking about the correct girl but still it makes me doubt a bit.
anyways yesterday i worked from 3 to 9 and 2 hours into my shift she showed up to work and she tried to not make eye contact and when i passed her she was a bit red or had a slight smile on her face (which is nothing suspicious but i thought i might add that in) so we just awkwardly tried to avoid eye contact.
i want to ask her out but my friends are making me doubt my own judgements so i'd like some girls opinions.
serious opinions are welcome and another thing,
i want to test what she does when we make eye contact for longer than a split second so i just want to try and get her attention and make eye contact with a smile and see what she does if she starts to act awkwardly i think i'll ask her out but anyways what are your opinions? :)


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  • Just ask her out or at least try to start an actual conversation with her.

    • Hi, thanks for your reply but one thing i'd like to note is:
      i'm not the one initiating the awkwardness she is when i get close to her she becomes a tomato and tries to look away in turn making me awkward but i'll try anyways i'll try to initiate a conversation since i'd rather not make up excuses.

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