Why is he suddenly so distant?

I had really thought my best friend and I were finally close to getting together. We spent our weekends together, I went to his family dinners, and he would text/call me all day from when we got up until one of us said good night. But a few weekends ago I told him I wanted to hang out because we had both been busy and hadn't seen each other in a week. He told me he would see and then made plans with two other girls we hang out with.
I was somewhat upset, and the next weekend the same thing happened. I decided that I would start making time for other friends and he has been upset that I am unavailable when he calls me to go to a movie with like 30 mins notice. He barely talks to me now and doesn't seem to care that I have have been hanging out with a guy from work lately (usually he has lots of snide remarks, he barely even blinked) .
His birthday was in the middle of the week last week and I went by his house to surprise him, after not seeing him for almost a month. He only talked about what he has been doing with the other girls he's been hanging out with and didn't seem to care when I left after less than an hour. I also bought him this shirt he saw online and I found someone to make it. He barely tried on and normally would have at least posted a pic about, but he didn't even send me a follow up text (he has for anything I get him), though he did thank me in person. I know he's not dating/interested in the other girls, but I don't understand why he's suddenly so distant?


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  • I think the greater question is why are you suddenly so jealous? You're not in a relationship, he's allowed to spend time with other women

    • I understand, but he is not spending any time with me, and suddenly went from making plans with me, to either avoiding me or asking me to tag along after he's invited like 10 people out

    • And I'm not jealous (though I normally can't even talk to any other guys around him without him getting pissy), I just miss my best friend who suddenly wants nothing to do with me

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