How do I know when the right time for our first kiss is?

I’ve been out with this guy 3 times and I just don’t know when the right time/moment is the go moment for our first kiss.. he gives me stares and I’m the same but we just make more conversation🙄😂


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  • At the end of the evening, you embrace him in a tight hug, then keep your arms around his waist but pull your torso back, look into his eyes, move your face slightly closer to his, pucker your lips slightly, close your eyes, and prepare to be kissed.

  • What do you think when, for example, kissing your mom?

  • You could just ask 😂

    • Yeah because I’m gonna be like “hey let’s kiss” noo ty, it was so much easier with my other relationships I don’t understand how🙃

    • Then just go for it 😋

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