Women how do you flirt with men?


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  • we don't use words and lines a lot like men do
    we usually just show more attention to the guy we like..

    for me.. the way I look at the guy, smile, laugh, and talk

    I'm not much of a flirty person
    if I like a guy i just make sure I contact him and just keep on talking and chatting with him

  • We laugh at jokes that aren't funny, smile, nod, give compliments, play with our hair, expose our necks, lean in closure (sometimes showing cleavage if outfit permits), let one thigh brush against theirs, accidentally touch toes, change speed of our talking from normal to fast to slow to keep your attention, try to be "mysterious" by saying things like you don't know me, offer to buy a drink, ask if someone has a girlfriend, pay the tab before the man can, go to bathroom and reapply makeup or perfume, we'll ask you to dance or do something adventurous/try something new, we'll suggest a vague meeting again so you'll ask for our number.


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  • I would say most women flirt with body more body language then verbally flirting. Like standing extra close to you, light touching, strong eye contact, constant smiling, laughs a little extra at your jokes etc.


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  • I guess some women are simple and easy to identify when they are flirting.

    However, there are few of them who just know the game of flirting pretty well, and the prey won't even know it.

  • Most of the time they come and talk infinitely about random things.

  • Yeah they certainly do

  • women can't flirt

  • Women suck at it worse than men. They'll give a look or a smile and espect thats enough to woo somone.

    I guess it's their way of inviting you to flirt with them.

    • That's weirdπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • @seshu1991 LOL yeah thats weird. If i like someone, I stare at them or in my case with my crush, I would give him a hug which we haven't seen eachother in forever tho :/ But yeah i get what ur saying.

    • @LuvAsh yes I love that

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