Should I ask or should I wait for her to ask?

A woman I've become relatively close with, but still in the process of getting to know one another. We spent time together yesterday for about 3 hrs, I was mainly just there to help her find her dog, but once we sort of found her dog we still hung out for about an hour.

My question is should I ask to hang out again or should I wait for her to ask?

FYI: We were going to hangout that day anyways, she had told me if i really wanted to see her I could come hang out with her at a Kwik Trip in De Pere but when she told me her dog was missing I told her I'd come over and help her look for her dog. So we ended up meeting at her parents house in Seymour. I live 30 minutes from Seymour and an hour from De Pere.


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  • Ask her. Why wait for her- she may be waiting for you to do it


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