Is his behavior normal? casual relationship?

this guy I’ve been seeing casually acts a little different than other guys I’ve dated before, I’ve asked him why he acts the way he does but he brushes me off. We stopped having sex for 5 months and just this August we started having sex again, he acted more caring and attentive this time but since I’ve known how he acts I assumed he’ll be more distant whenever we saw each other again. two weeks later at a club where he plays and I’m a regular, he acted as if I wasn’t there, literally didn’t even look at me, I knew his behavior but since last time he did that I messaged him and he ignored me I just let it be. We (me and my friends) left the place and about 30 minutes later he messages me and asks me if I’m already home, mind you, if he had done that 5 months before, I’ll be out the door to go meet him, this time I told him that indeed, I was already home and ready to sleep, he just wrote, that’s ok, rest well. Then I stupidly wrote back, you too, and if you don’t have plans for tomorrow I’m available 🙄 he said ok I’ll let you know. He didn’t. Why would he act like that if he already made himself clear that we have a casual thing and I stopped being needy, I stopped wanting something more and just want the sex, like he does?


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  • Friends with benefits kind of thing going on here


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