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I found out the other day that there is a co worker that is interested in me. Her friend asked her about me and she said that she was but that I really don’t talk to her.

Havnt had a chance to really talk to her in person recently. We work at a place where it’s really busy so it’s hard to start a conversation without being constantly interrupted. I was thinking about starting a conversation with her online and working in asking her for drinks. Some people have told me to absolutely not go that way.

I’m looking at it that if she is interested wouldn’t it not matter what way I try and talk to her. I know trying to do things in person would be better but there won’t be a chance we see each other for almost two weeks. What are your thoughts on this?


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  • I agree with your people not to take the relationship online, but primarily because you are co-workers and chat logs of your non-work related conversations could later pose a serious risk to your employment. However, a well timed text message or email praising her work related achievements accompanied by a simple and request to have lunch or grab coffee would be a bold, but safe statement of your intentions. If your friend was interpreting the girl's feelings properly, the girl will accept your proposal and you will be able to proceed from there.


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