Girls, whats your favourite place/activity on a date so far?

Think about all the dates you had and the different kind of activities you have done and the different kind of places you have visited. Out of all these things, which one did you enjoy the most. List multiple things if you want, but only the ones you actually really liked.
Take into account more than just enjoyment. Also take into account how comfortable you felt, how much the place/activity actually helped you progress with your date and the other way round.
To help you out, lets use cinema as an example.
I would say watching a movie in the cinema is definetely someting enjoyable and comfortable, but it really doesn't help you progress with your date partner.

So i dont want you to post Cinema in the comments. (Even though i personally like it ) Hope you know what i mean.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I think my best date occurred at a museum - it gave us a lot of time to talk and share interests.

    • Thats an interesting response coming from a 22 year old. I assume you are cultivated and intelligent.

    • Not that cultivated or intelligent, pretty much average. However, I just graduated with a BA in ancient history so it's only natural for me to enjoy museums. My partner shares an interest in history too so he liked it and it made it very enjoyable and led to good conversations.

    • You studying ancient history makes you cultivated in my book :)

  • When I went on a date to the beach

  • I really like the bar scene. It’s a good way to loosen the tension and awkwardness. I went to a bar that had games so that was fun.

    • If you like bars, would you also consider a club in following dates?

    • I personally hate clubs.

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