Why is he leading me on?

I met this guy few months ago and we became part of a group of friends. We meet every week and have fun time. We met couple of times just us for movies , we had great chats and he started flirting with me. One night after a movie night I told him that I like him and get to know him more. He said he value our friendship and want to keep it that way. I let it go and we met with friends after two weeks and then suddenly he asked me out. I agreed and we went on a date next day , it was great and we had a good time , we kissed good night. As soon I as i got home he texted me, Telling how good the night was and he is feeling happy. We met after two days with friends briefly and he didn't mention anything about the date, but he did flirt with me. Now it's been 5 days since the first date. I haven't heard anything from him , I have this gut feeling that maybe it was all for nothing.


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  • Why are you letting him. Say now the ball in your court. Deal with him or you dont. Chouce is your really. If a hot and cokd game anyone play with me. Ill play cold and wouldn't bother with these childish bull crap.

    • I don't want to be angry and bitter , I do want to go back being friends if he really just want to be friends. But I just don't understand what guys are thinking when they are playing with someone's emotions. If it was a stranger it's probably won't matter to them but we are friends and he did say he care about me and don't want to play any games.

    • Well, typically guys play games for selfish reasons. But 2 things are for sure. Your not his one and only ( mentally, still lookin for others, like a player.) 2 he's not into said women. We are not sure if want to settle due to our insecurity.

      Its not your fault and you shouldn't have to go through this bullshit. No, i wouldn't even be friends as it lead to awkwardness. Id keep him a distance.

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