Has he lost interest in me?

Well last week I went out on a date with my college friend who I met after 4 years. We had a great time together. We spent 7.5 hrs together talking and reconnecting. We talked a lot about our career and he talked a lot about marriage and wanted to know about my views on raising kids. At the end of all this he hugged and kissed me and also held me in his arms for a while. We held hands while roaming on the street. He knows that I am a virgin still at 25 so he asked for just the handsy stuff from me on phone.
Well, late at night he did call me up and wanted some help with his "condition". So, after that we had some explicit talks on phone. He asked me to meet him again to which I did agree.
After that day he didn't try to communicate with me. It has been 10 days since I have even heard from him. Although he texted me that he is down with flu from past 3 days but he told me that when I texted him just to say ''hi". And after this I did text him on last Saturday just to know about his health. He told me that he is doing fine and recovering from cough and cold. Plus he asked me to study for my upcoming job exam as he also doing that so.
I am all confused here. What has really happened here? Everything went perfectly fine between us and he seemed genuinely intrested in me.


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  • So you basically had phone sex and haven't heard from him?

    • Yeah more or less the same..

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    • Thanks a lot for your insight here..!
      I really appreciate it..! :)

    • Absolutely and best of luck with everything :)

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