I like this girl but there isn’t a time to talk to her. What should I do it when?

I’m at a new school and I meant these 2 girls both are very nice but one doesn’t like me that much. I said she’s annoying as a joke and other people say the same thing but she took it to heart when I said it but I’m planning to say sorry soon but let’s get to this second girl. I’m in the advanced classes and she’s in the intense classes. We have social studies and 1 elective. She really nice and sweet and I get nervous and sometimes she talks to me and I love that but there isn’t a time to finish the conversation. And this doesn’t change my opinion of her but she has this thing that I think that’s it’s similar to eczema. She has these rashes on her arms and legs because she scratches or something like that to much but it doesn’t matter to me.


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  • Get her # and message

    • But text her what and I think it would be easiest to get her IG then Phone number

    • Find out what she likes to do and take her out or just make regular convo

    • Ok. Thanks

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