Small talk... how to be successful, initiate it & turn it into something more?

In some situations, small talk is easy for me to do, usually about things I like, or know about, hobbies etc.
But as soon as there's no real conversation or talking going on, I have no idea what to say, ask, bring up, etc. Then as that happens I start trying to think more & more, the start freaking out a little saying to myself "think of something, it's so awkward, it's not hard just say something" or something along those lines.

So are there any like small talk topics that will just work that aren't generally boring, or overused?

Or do you just have any tips or experience in how to initiate & successfully execute small talk - as in it makes the other person interested, or leads to a more "serious" type conversation?

Not sure if i'm really explaining this very well - but I think you should get the idea.

Thoughts appreciated.


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  • If you see the conversation isn't going much further, find a nice way to exit. I was at a function last night and i was talking to two ladies. After the small talk was over, I just said that I'm heading over to the food to get some dessert.

    • If I did that, i'd be accepting unless I randomly bump into them again, I wouldn't be talking to them again at all that night.

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  • Have stuff prepared if you know you’re going somewhere. Be aware of little things like the news.


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  • On Monday and Tuesday: "How was your weekend?" Wednesday through Friday: "Any plans for the weekend?" You can find out a lot about someone hearing about what they do on weekends.

    Sometimes the chemistry is just not there. No problem, be nice, someone else will come along in a few minutes.

  • Soon as you start over thinking that’s when you’re screwed. Just say what’s on your mind, could be completely random but it’s better than nothing.

    • I never have anything in my mind, it goes blank pretty much. If I had something to say that isn’t stupid shit I would

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    • Read the title of the question, that’s exactly what I’m trying to get help with.::

    • It’s not that hard man, like I said it could be about literally anything.

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