Where did you meet your S. O?

I'm just wondering where people meet their SOs these days.

If you don't have a SO feel free to date me.

Where did you meet your S. O?
  • Public places including bars and clubs
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  • Through Friends
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  • Hobbies
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  • Work
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  • Online/Dating app
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  • Other
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  • I'm still looking for my journey companion. Maybe someday the world I see in my dreams can be a reality.

    • treat it like a game, catfish (someone very very ugly) in a retarded pose on tinder/ pof and say the most retarded and hilarious things in your opener. I might try that for an experiment. We might learn something. Because I've seen it unexpectedly work lol

  • in a bar on July 3rd, 1994 at around 9:30. by midnight i knew.

    • somebody is in love over here :)

    • could go on forever but it all boils down to that i allowed it to happen and didn't mind.

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