Would it be clingy to ask a guy to talk on phone after 3 dates?

This guy asked me out on 3 dates
We both said we liked each other.
The thing that's annoying me is that he only text messages. He constantly asks how's your day.
We've only known each other for 2 weeks.
Would it be weird if I ask him to talk on the phone? I find texting impersonal.
I feel talking on the phone for like 20 minutes a day would be better than texting.
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  • Talking on the phone I would say is mandatory if you're trying to further the relationship. It's not clingy at all especially if he's asked you on dates before. If he's shy let him know that you like him for himself and to trust you. As someone who hates to talk on the phone myself I can understand the hesitation however there comes a point where it can become unreasonable. :)

    • I asked the guy if he wanted to talk on the phone and he blatantly ignored me when I asked. Didn't even respond to say no thanks or anything. He only wants to text message... I've been very patient with him and this is just not ok with me.

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    • I just finished talking to him on the phone...
      He's not my style. I feel like I had to force him to want to hang out and do something. He kept saying maybe to hanging out with me. Im just over it at this point.

    • Better to know than to have it cause unecessary stress. Find a guy that's willing to spend as much time as possible with you and not leave you guessing all the time. If he isn't willing to put forth the effort you deserve someone a whole lot better 💜

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