Do guys purposely try to make girls jealous? why?

Been talking to this guy for a few months and he will post on his Instagram story “add me on snap 😊” with his username. We had agreed both not to talk to other people. Is he doing this because he’s looking for other girls or to make me jealous/ mad?


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  • Some do, and vice versa. Are you "talking" to this guy or are you actually dating? If you aren't dating, then it's kind of silly to agree not to talk to other people. You are young and need to talk to a lot of guys before you settle on one.


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  • Are you exclusive to each other then? If you both agreed to exclusivity and not dating anyone else than he is basically cheating and untrustworthy. I wouldn't hang around with him anymore if he did that to me. If a person is not good for his word than he is not good for me, or you.

    • We’re not dating but he has said he wants to be with me and all of that.

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