Should I give up my hope to ever find a real relationship? I dont 'date online.. and can't find anyone offline. ?

Ill make a list of things that work for and against me and hope there will be constructive advice: Im 35 now, living in the Netherlands. Have to admit i, after a very long time of working online for international clients have stopped using the internet unless you count rare visits to youtube via a ps4 that i dont use for gaming anymore. I have never owned a mobile phone and do not want one ever (this is beyond principal, im used to it ) This means im not exactly ' there' on media like tinder or dating sites to 'find love interests. I have also been single for 8 years now which may be considered a plus to some since i know how to be selfsufficient. People tell me im attractive and dont understand why i dont have a girlfriend but i just honestly dont ever meet women, i have no problem socializing.. but it always stays at that. People (sign of the times?) never seem to want to come over or just meet in public.. expecting you to 'app' them (which i can't, and dont want) I've been using search engines lately to figure out where to actually meet women, and none of those places work for me. Heck i play sports, i can play two different music instruments, i can sing decently, I've been a youthworker for an event, have a big house and am always good to people in town. Am i cursed? If any girl would show interest in me i would give her a chance but it doesn't happen. At this point.. and people telling me 'just stop searching' (tried that for years) or 'do your own thing' (same) etc im just starting to get annoyed and think there's something wrong with me that i haven't picked up on yet. For someone who normally has huge confidence in public its wearing me down. I dont want my life to become about self pity. I find it important i find someone because i badly want to get a family of my own with kids. I can't do that alone as a man. Hope someone can help.. (p. s. i hate clubs cause i can't take loudness nor do i drink that often, so yeah.. that won't work either ;l )


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  • I think speed dating and online dating sites would work. Try a computer for that. You can go to library to use one. If worse came to worse you can get a mail order bride from any country. Just make sure it's legit. Never give up hope in dating. I think you will find the right girl with time.

    • I said i dont date online, it would not make sense to if i wouldn't continue online availability which im so against. I live 90% Offline, no smartphone no Internet and look not for recreational sex but a real housewife kind of person to make a family with. Id like to know where IRL to look.

    • It depends on your area and where you live. That either helps with your odds or it doesn't.

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