Is an athletic physique 'intimidating'?

Hey ladies!

Recently I found in my recommended feed on YouTube (no idea how it got there) a video where women would be randomly asked what type of physique they found most attractive and I was surprised to find that most found a toned or athletic physique 'intimidating' or sign that they're more committed to their body than a relationship?

Is this true, if so, why?
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  • I went out with a great looking guy but he could not pass a mirror without fixing himself. He always wore shirts to show off his arms and shoulders.

    • So would that make you more cautious of men who put time into working out?

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    • Okay I understand. The reason why I ask is because it's something I do because I do enjoy seeing physical improvement and the ability to physically create the person I want to be. It's a health hobby and I hinesyly thought it was something women found desirable. I mean it is proof willpower and dedication--that being said I'm not up myself like the way your ex sounds

      Really surprised by these answers but I can understand!

    • To be honest I think every girl loves a guy with great muscular definition but if a relationship moves beyond shallowness you must have a attitude to match and you'll be a real catch

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  • I don't find it intimidating, but I do see it as a sign that they're interested in something I'm not, which makes them not be such a good candidate for a partner.


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