Dating a White girl?

Hi I'm a 6'1 fair skinned Muslim Pakistani guy who wanna date white girls, what should I need to consider in this matterDating a White girl?


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  • Pst, I'll tell you a secret: if you treat them like another human being and not like a slave, you will get a shot.

    I still don't understand this fetishization of white women by other races, but oh well... 🤷‍♀️

    • Something out of a community ordinary I guess? For as much racism as this country has I've seen far more tolerance than actual hate (except for online and in some neighborhoods).

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  • IF SHE`S NOT MUSLIM, I`M PRETTY SURE YOU RELIGION "DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO BE WITH A NON MUSLIM GIRL" but of course ya`ll still do things behind closed doors... you know,... that HARAM stuff

    wink wink

    • Hahahaha, we are allowed to marry people of the book religiously

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  • You need to pull a Michael Jackson and turn white xD.. But seriously speaking you should start with not being Muslim. It is the most hated religion right now, will make you lose points. Other than this just be respectful and treat her like an equal.

  • Firstly. Skin color means nothing, if you are good to her she will notice as long as you dont come off as creepy and desperate, that's a rule for all men.

    Secondly, just talk to her if you have someone in mind. Gage her likes, dislikes and find some common ground like you would with any woman. Dating is the same all over.

  • I dont think you will find one that likes you back... just date another girl of your race that will prbbly like you back... sorry if i sounded abit rude but thats what i noticed about white girls

  • You’re gonna have a hard time finding an attractive, high quality white girl to date you. The white girls that go with guys like you are ugly and low quality. Sorry. Why don’t you date your own?

    • Thanks for the brutal honesty but the aims are high

  • just going to be painfully blunt and honest.

    a lot of white girls legitimately aren't attracted to people of another race. That doesn't make them racist, it's just their attraction.

    There are exceptions but sorry to break it to ya 😖

    • Well waiting to make my exception!

    • Good luck dude!

      Like for me personally I'm european. I don't find generally find black or Asian women attractive, yet for some reason I am to Spanish, Chilean, etc girls. That doesn't make me racist, it's just how I feel and I can't control that.

      Honestly wish you luck man. If it's meant to be, it'll be.

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