You're 18 and your partner is 18 but you've been dating for a long time. She asks you "don't you think we're too young for a serious relationship?"?

It's from personal experience with my ex. She said that we should "experience" more before going into a serious relationship after graduation. How would you have reacted to this situation? I added the topic like that to put you in my situation but if it's similar no matter the age, how would you or how did you react to this?
The fact that afterwards she asked if we could wait a couple years, and if both of us are single, it could work. For me it's just a no go, but somehow I feel a bit guilty about my decision and confused about my feelings.


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  • I knew a couple in high school who went steady all throughout school. Yet after graduation they broke up. I guess one wanted to see what else was out there. I mean how can you judge fine wine if you only drink one label when there are thousands? You just gotta say to yourself, if they find out that you were really the one they will come back. The question is, were they the one enough to have you wait? If you can't wait then obviously they were not the one meant for you.

  • I can respect it as a reason to break up, but as an excuse to whore around then use you as backup for when/if they get tired of it without finding someone better? Hellllll no. Free to leave, but no coming back after.

    • No one said whore around, just dating others.

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    • You know being with the same person and no others to compare a relationship to is like drinking piss with dinner. If that is all you ever had to drink you would get used to it but later on when you tried some other Beveridge you would think, wow, that wasn't as great as I thought it was. Years later people tend to get 2nd thoughts as to did I not date around enough and could I have done better? when their life gets lack luster. If you have only been with your high school sweetheart who wouldn't have 2nd thoughts, especially if things don't go as well as you planned?

    • @TrixiePooch I'm pretty sure I said I see it as a perfectly valid reason to break up. But are you seriously trying to defend using a person's affection to keep them around as a safety net so you can go shop around, test drive the different models, all the while assuming the other person is waiting for you in case you turn up empty handed?
      There's ALWAYS better out there, somewhere, if you go by that logic. Will always be someone better looking, or younger, or taller, or fitter, or richer, or more unknown and interesting than the tried and true, ... the whole point of a relationship is to appreciate what you have and settle down with the other person for who they are.

      Neither of those things are wrong, but they are mutually exclusive. Either you're dedicated to your partner and relationship, or you're not.

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