Crush has ruined Girls/Dating for me?

I've been thinking about this...

So what happened is I fell in love with a girl, I put her on a pedestal and stuff and she rejected me and broke my heart...

So now in dating,

I find a lot of girls aren't as good as her... And if I date them, I feel as if I'm settling... Which is not fair for them or me...

But I don't have the confidence to go after a girl better than her, because she destroyed my self esteem...

I'm in a weird situation here...


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  • Take a break from Dating until you are truly over her.

    • I don't think I ever will be... I really loved her and thought she was the one...

      It's been a couple years now too

    • That really is a Long time;: nevertheless, Nothing is forever. You'll get over her at some Point.

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