Does a goodbye kiss from your "ex" mean anything, and should I wait until he contacts me first?

Dear community! Sorry in advance, this is a bit complicated but I'll try to keep it short.
I met a guy 3 years ago and we hooked up at a party, but we were both living in different countries at the time.
One year ago, we randomly met again and he coincidentally moved to my city.
We never officially dated, but we were seeing each other and I suspect I was his first.
I ended things and we had no contact for the past 8 months. Recently, I have reached out to him again and we met up. We got along quite well, although we didn't really talk about the past, and he kissed me. He asked me if I wanted to come over, but I didn't. He then kissed me goodbye in public, which we never used to do.
We are both moving away three weeks from now and I would really like to see him again before that. Does a goodbye kiss mean anything to a guy? Should I wait for him to contact me first and if so, for how long?


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  • Hmmm, wait for him to contact you. You’ll know if it meant more to him than you think.

    • thanks, how long would you suggest I wait?

    • 3 days max, if he hasn’t by then don’t sweat it! You’re leaving in a few weeks, focus on that and not some dude that hasn’t bothered to contact you. Trust me, you’re young, there are plenty of guys that would like to be in your life.

  • Wait for him to text and don’t be afraid to speak up your thoughts to him


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