Where is a place to bring a girl for the first date?

they say to a mans heart is through his stomach. so like is this the game as women and like what is a great place to bring a girl for the first date? an expensive or a medium cheap


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  • It really depends on the girl. You could probably discuss it with her beforehand. Some girls like fancy restaurants, and others like places that are a bit more laid-back.

    What I don't recommend, however, is going to the movies. While it may be a bit awkward on the first date, you want to get to know the other person and talk. If you already know them well enough, places where you talk still have their benefits; this is the first time you and that girl are alone and can actually get to know each other better without friends telling embarrassing stories and whatnot.

    Your profile says that you're 16, so I assume that you're in high school. Ask your girl to go to homecoming with you, and let things unfold from there. Maybe you could take her out to dinner, or just hang out at the mall and get to know her oddities (maybe she likes trying on crazy hats that she would never buy, etc).

    I find a guy who is interested in me for my opinions and my quirks to be much better than a guy who just wants to grope around in a dark theater. ;)


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  • It really depends on where you live and what you guys like to do. If where you live has a dinner cruise those are always nice. I live in Seattle, and there is a dinner cruise at night, that is very romantic. If you live near a beach, a picnic at sunset on the beach is very nice and fun! Of course, there is the traditionl movies and dinner night out. Maybe a dinner theatre if you have one where you live. You have dinner and there is a play to watch also! Maybe try an all teens dance club-underage club with dancing and music. So many things, just dends on the area where you live in and what there is to do there! :)

    • Dinner cruise? That sounds really interesting. Got to do some research now, thanks !!!!!. What a good idea!

  • movies but that's average huh or bowling is really fun, I know it sounds lame but its more fun then you would think, ice skating, theme park, restaurant, beach, park. you could take her anywhere but what matters is that its romantic and it captures the moment.

    • Amusement parks work, but you are going to have the most privacy when you are walking and talking. The places to eat there are not great though. Although the games are a lot of fun, she is going to like it when you try to win her a teddy bear or some prize.

      I vote for amusement parks as a great second date.

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  • Doesnt have to be an expensive place to eat, just a quiet one with some privacy. Now when I say privacy I don't mean you are looking to make out with her (although it is a plus if it does happen) I mean private enough that you BOTH feel comfortable talking and having a deeper conversation.

    I remember a chinese resturant I loved, it wasnt expensive at all, great food and it had great booths(tall backs with plants separating the booths) PLUS it wasnt full all the time so you could get a booth and an area all to yourselves.

    What a great place and most people love chinese food and this chinese food was awesome also. Find a place like that and you are set for all your future first dates, no joke.

    You have to do your research, do some restarant scouting when you get a chance so you don't have to work fast when you already have a date set-up.

    • Check out your local diners, look for good booths first, how clean it is, how busy it is and then sample the food. you are not going to break your wallet at a diner and usually they have really good homecooked meals and they don't kick you out for waiting too long to leave.

      Fridays is a bad place for a first date, good food but the waittress bugs you ALOT and you know they need that table for the next customer, they want you to eat and get the freak out, lol.

      Cross fridays off your list

    • Haha yeah true very true

  • You should know what she likes. My babe loves Cheeseburgers so an ideal date is going to eat to a burger restaurant, talk and then go for a walk. I would bring my Ipod with me, because listening to music together can be very "romantic". Holding her by her waist as you walk down the park listening to any song you two can relate to is amazing. You should know what she likes! You can't take a girl to a lobster restaurant if she is alergic!

  • Go to McDonalds.

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