Exchanged numbers with a cute girl at work, please help me not f#$k this up? Do you think she's interested?

So today at work I finally got a chance to chat with this cute girl at work. I met her earlier this week (or at the end of last week, I can't remember). She works evenings so I only see her basically at the end of my shift and she always takes the time out to say, "good morning" To me or ask me a question when she's passing by.
☝this all day.
☝this all day.
So yeah I'm terrible with women and I have no idea if she's interested or if she's just highly talkative and trying to be friendly. So please any help is appreciated
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  • based on what you posted, she just sounds friendly, but since you have her number, text her and see how you enjoy that

    • I don't know. What if she's not off yet?

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    • I'm not sure. Plus what would I even ask her? I don get paid until next Friday so I don't have any money to ask her out

    • Whoa- slow your roll, there. Text with her a bit before you do that. You've barely talked with her.

      Just ask her how she is doing, and, ahem, what her work schedule is.

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  • Just be yourself and don't change who you are, be upfront and honest with her about everything.
    Good luck

  • I voted b


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