When is it okay to confront a girl?

I met this girl through mutual friends and she started flirting with me. I picked up on it and asked for her number and we talked for a few days and got along very well. She wanted to hang out and I made plans for Wednesday. Then yesterday she just quit talking to me in the afternoon for no apparent reason. Didn't respond to my text or the one phone call. I didn't blow up her phone or anything as I don't really care. I just feel disrespected because if you don't want to hang out anymore or aren't really feeling it then tell me. If I confronted her would that make me look needy, or should I just leave it in the wind and forget about it?


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  • If it gets brought up again like if you see her, then you could bring it up, but if nothing rises then just leave it๐Ÿ‘


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