Should I give this guy the benefit of the doubt or accept that he's just not into me?

I started talking to a guy on tinder two weeks ago. We've exchanged numbers and were texting regularly for about three days until he went on vacation. While he was on vacation, for about a week, he checked in a couple times. Then, when he got back (the beginning of this week), the texting went downhill. He would take 24+ hours to answer. However, he still asked me out on a date for this week (which was supposed to be today). I called him out in a very joking way about him being a "bad texter." He also ended up having to cancel our date because he got called into work. He apologized for both things and said that he was just really busy and not to "please not take it personally." I told him that it's okay and that if he needs to put this on the backburner for now, it's fine.
So here's what I've been wondering:
1. Should I give him the benefit of the doubt about the not texting and the "being busy"?
2. Should I be upset because he was posting a bit on facebook even though he's so busy?


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