How can I get him to commit to me exclusively?

Lately I’ve been talking to this boy who I went to high school with (we both just graduated) and I always assumed he was too cool for me, or even one of this jock fuckboys. But I’ve been talking with him for the past 4 weeks and he is so genuine! He’s just an incredible boy. We hung out last night (we didn’t do anything, just talked!) and it was such a fun night. We get along so well, we both have a really funny sense of humor, and we share a lot of the same morals and values. He is absolutely amazing. He is so straight forward and honest. We even talked about our exes and ex flings and frankly I’ve never opened up to a guy so much, I feel like he knows me so well already.
He was asking me what I wanted to get out of this, and I told him I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, that I was just chilling, but that if him and I happened to get closer and if we ever both wanted an actual relationship, then I would gladly allow myself to jump in to one with him. He told me he felt the same way, and that he doesn’t have much time for relationships due to school and his work schedule, but that if he and the girl he was seeing was willing to put in the time and effort, then he would want it to work. So both of us have agreed that we’re just going to see how this goes with each other.
But I want him, like really want him. I know we’re both very attracted to each other, we both get along well, he told me that he always assumed I was a super blunt and honest person but that when he began talking to me, he realized I was hilarious and fun and nothing what he was expecting. He complimented genuine things about me, and so I know he feels something. How do I get him to want more with me? How can I be the center of his attention vs another girl? I know he thinks I’m special, and I really do want to date him.


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  • You can’t

  • Well right now you are in the friend zone. The best you can do is to hope that the relationship he is in with the other girl fails. Or you can openly go tell him about your feelings. I know it can go either way but still it is worth a try. This is really hard but the best you can do is wait and hope for the best

    • You don’t understand, I’m not in the friendzone. He likes me as more than a friend but I want a relationship with him and I want to get him to commit sooner than later

    • Umm then instead of asking him out on a date where you two are alone ask him if he wants to go to a party or something where your friends will be present. You can then talk to him about your feelings and you know it won't be awkward. So try that

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