Would you let your boyfriend go to a pool if you know there is a girl you don't like there?

My neigbour is having a pool party and invited me. The only thing i have to say is my girlfriend doesn't like her because she is kinda touchy (likes to hug). I will admit she is pretty good looking too but i dont think she likes me anyways. I told her i would go. I told my girlfriend this too. My girlfriend told me she doesn't want me to go but i kinda have too cause i promised the other girl plus she is my neigbour lol.

What should i do in this situation? My hands are tied here. I think i'll have to go regardless or else shit will get awkward. My neigbour also told me "your girlfriend better be ok with it cause i really want you there".


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  • Put yourself in your gf's shoes. If there was a guy that was being too nice towards her and you didn't like him. Would you be ok with her ONLY being invited to his house for a party?
    You said the neighbor acts nice around you, but rubs your girlfriend the wrong way. I could understand if this neighbor was a really good friend (the kind you hang out with often) of yours and your girlfriend was just being jealous of the attention you gave the chick. That would be something to make your girlfriend know that nothing will happen between you and the friend during this party. But your girlfriend has a right to be somewhat upset. Because it honestly sounds like this neighbor is being immature about the whole situation and she intentionally didn't invite your girlfriend too. So if she really is as innocent as you claim, she would try and put the bs aside and try and get along with your girlfriend regardless of whether or not your girlfriend decides to go.

    • I agree with this ^

    • Hey. I do agree if the tables were turned and i was in my gf's shoes i would not like this at all. I think you're right here. I will just tell this girl i cannot make it and she did not invite my girlfriend. But out of respect i won't go

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  • Yeah. ignore that request... Be a neighbor.. I assume your girlfriend was invited? if not , that was rude

    • Its about trust.. If she can't trust you, whats the point of being with her, besides her thang.. Really, if you don't have trust in each other, whats the point.

      No girlfriend or wife ever told me I couldn't do something

    • They dont seem to like each other and my girlfriend was not invited, for this reason i guess it best not to go and say an excuse then

    • Good man... Always consider the underlying plan.. Why not invite his girlfriend to a pool party?

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  • I don't "let" my boyfriend do anything. I'm not in charge of him. If he wants to go to the party of a girl who may like him, I don't care. Ideally, I'd be able to trust him enough to not cross a line with her. I don't care about her feelings; I care about his loyalty. Does that make sense?

  • I may need a little more detail about the situation bc I can’t tell if ur girlfriend is being possessive or if she has an actual reason to be concerned about your neighbor. I would ask your neighbor if ur girlfriend can come to the party so she doesn’t feel left out or something

    • I did ask my neigbour. She said she only wanted people she knew. But she is the type of girl who hugs you when she see's you and when she leaves. When me and my girlfriend are in the backyard She would sometimes just kindly say hi to me and again sometimes to my girlfriend. For example 3 days ago her and her sister were swimming in the back. She did not say hi to my girlfriend even tho she was there.

      My girlfriend also doesn't really talk to her, just sometimes the hello. Lastly they seem to interrupt each other when they speak to me. They also kinda talk behind each others back lol. But nothing very bad said. My girlfriend finally doesn't like how she dresses sometimes around me when she comes over. I mean my neighbor is a nice girl and when you're at home, i guess you dress more "loose"

    • But she’s your girlfriend and she knows your girlfriend.. she’s just not friends with her. I could understand if it’s a birthday party or something personal like that but if it’s literally just a party I don’t see why your girlfriend can’t come? Also kind of rude that she didn’t say hi to your girlfriend.

    • i do agree with you. So then my option here is not to go and make an excuse. I just want both to be friends but for whatever reason i dont think this will be lol

  • You have little, to no respect for your girlfriend's feelings. And you're rather selfish, as well.

    • now why would you say this? It's tomorrow i can choose not to go and just tell my neighbor, something came and make an excuse

    • So you lie too? What a gem😒

    • im not a bad person lol. Im just stuck here. All in all i won't go because of my girlfriend, but im not sure what to tell my neighbor. If i straight up tell her "hey sorry but my girlfriend doesn't want me too". She won't be happy

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  • Respect what your girlfriend wants

    • i really do but then my neigbour will start to question me which i guess is ok. i could always make an excuse i guess

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    • If that is the case, definitely don't go. Too many pitfalls.

    • no that detail is not necessary, it’s like causing conflict. Just say you decided not to go you don’t have to throw ur girlfriend under the bus.. that’s so ugly

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