What does it mean if I didn't feel eager to see him after a few weeks away💕💔?

OWe've been together for less than 4 months now. We go along well at the romantic level, but we have conflicting views about other things.

After a month away on a family holiday, I met him. To my surprise, I was feeling anxious and cold toward him. It's as if I see him for the first time.

Is this normal or is it a sign I should reconsider our relationship?


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  • Probably because you just got used to him not being around

  • Perchance, but I have not know it to be normal outside of a personal issue that is preoccupying the uneager mind. Was a personal issue dominating your thoughts? Are the conflicting views the personal issue?

    • Yes. Actually, I have to find a job outside the country for economic reasons, and he doesn't want to leave the country.

    • That is your answer. You may be distancing yourself emotionally. No longer being used to you as suggested by another member is possible, but I have found that the super majority of even new couples who share a reasonably meaningful connection do not suffer any appreciable loss of affection within a three month separation. This separation time frame is often recommended when evaluating a severely distressed relationship because it is long enough to be alone with your thoughts, but not long enough to irreparably damage the bond. If you lost your connection it would most likely mean the connection was unmeaningful or there is outside interference from a third party or issue.

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