Girls, Would you date guys from a different race than you? Is there any sexual racism present and how to prevent it?

I'm not black, but I get faced with sexual racism by women. A few oriental Girls at least listen to me and reject me politely. Caucasian women face me harsh rejection.


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  • My boyfriend is of a different race than I am. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as you fancy each other, same wavelength and same likes. Probably culture is somehow a factor that's why people tend to date their own race.

  • Well I'm not a racist but i just rather date my own race.

    • Hm... My assumption is correct then. Your attitude is called SEXUAL racism.

    • That's no offense. I am understanding then, why I get rejected. It's not about me. Not about my body language or my possessions. It's about my race only. Then I will remain lonely. :(

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