Why don’t guys wanna give their girlfriend their hoodie?


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  • l would give my hoodie then we can both cuddle up together and she can wear any of my clothes girls like to do that

  • cause they're expensive?

    you shouldn't be dating at your age anyway

    • What hoodies are you buying? $20 isn't expensive, if you pay more than that for a hoodie that's your choice but you can get them for pretty cheap.

      Also, 17 is a perfectly fine age to start dating. It's not like she's 14.

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    • Just asking, that's all. Bye.

    • very true date who ever you wish

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  • Because they're cold too?

    It depends on the man. Some would do it because it's nice and considerate. For some, the hoodies are representative of something personal and earned. Others think that you should have brought your own hoodie.

    Literally. I don't know why some women would expect men to hold onto that archaic thought when she can show some forethought and bring her own jacket. I think it's sweet for a guy to do that to a girl, but she should have thought ahead.


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  • The only hoodies I have from my boyfriend are the ones that don't fit him anymore lol. One hoodie he gave me was from when he was 13.

  • im pretty sure a lot of guys dont have a problem doing that!


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