How to be attracted to someone you find repulsive?

I've been trying the whole dating thing for a while and I've come to a conclusion. there are women that are attracted to me. Problem it's not the women i'm attracted to. I've been told women generally are attracted to a man's personality more than his looks. I know this isn't set in stone but i ask how do you women do it? Since the women i find attractive are apparently repulsed by me How do I not be repulsed by those women that find me attractive?


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  • I’m far from convinced you can be


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  • "women generally are attracted to a man's personality"
    In most cases thats not true.. most of the time females wouldn't even give a guy theyre not attracted to the time of day. There would be no getting to know his personality if she never found him attractive in the first place.

    • I could agree with that if the guy didn't have an "in" in some way. like in a social gathering friends of friends and what not. She would be exposed to his personality whereas she might not let him get past "hello" walking up to her on the street.

    • I kind of feel like that's the crux of the matter i get women hitting on me but i'm not attracted to them at all. I think i eventually chase them away because i am deliberately not warm to them not because i'm mean but because i don't want to send the wrong signal like the signal that i'm interested in them in any way. I don't want to reject them i just want them to kind of take the hint. You know kind of like what attractive girls do to guys they are not interested in.

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  • It would be better to think like a male whose profession requires him to contact women he is not attracted to. Giggolo, gay adult film star who sleeps with women, hosts, hetero male stripper who dances for men. It appears that compensation is the key to overcoming their limitations.

  • find good qualities on them and focus on that

    • but i have the same problem why struggle when you could settle for abit less not everything is a bout looks and is it worth struggling to find the best looking womman fot you I dont find it.

    • that's my point Danielleo i don't know about you but i don't connect with women very fast. I may not find a woman very attractive to begin with but after spending time with her she can become more attractive to me. But it seems like women either like me right away or not at all. lol and if i take too long it becomes not at all.

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