He cheated on me?

So my boyfriend went out of town with his friend from the army to this girls house for a few days (his "friend"). I guess he's got friends from that town. He spent the night there in the spare room. This girl is nice I met her, and her friend (who messaged me online). My boyfriend can be flirty with other girls. This girl who was down there with them messaged me on facebook, she asked for my number and called me. She told me that my boyfriend was wrestling with his (friend who was a girl) Why is he touching her? I guess they did it more than once. And whenever I hang out with that friend he wrestled with they never do that shit around me. Also is liking a bunch of girls photos online, I guess he was wondering where all the hot girls were at too according to this girl. We've been together for a year and half. Do I break it off?
This girl sent me a video of it too. I guess he was also trying to touch her. But she's got a boyfriend.


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  • Let me tell you something, don’t remain in a relationship where you can’t forgive and forget.
    Whether you leave or not is up to you. But you stay and forget it or you leave and move on.
    Trust me, a relationship where you can still taste the bitter hurt is a horrible one and it won’t be the same.


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  • He sure did get over it


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  • Yes nog only he cheated on her bug she cheated on her boyfriend

    • Not no nog

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    • Oh yeah. she's single tho. The girl who told me has the girlfriend. Sorry made it kinda confusing. Just so fucking upset right now.

    • It ok
      I understand

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