Help me figure out this shy girl! What is your opinion?

I've been talking to this girl who used to work at the same place i do for 8 months. When i started off, she didn't seem shy at first, she made eye contact and we talked normally. She laughed at something i said and i would start to draw pictured for her as she is and artist and so am i.

One day, as i was cleaning her office, she was having a debate about her beliefs with her co-workers and it seemed like i was at the right place at the right time so stood up and i took her side in the debate. I saw her face light up as her reaction. When she went home, she told her parents about me and that i work at the same place as her. Fast forward two weeks and i tell her that i like her in a funny way like as a story about a boy and a girl. She laughs but doesn't tell me how she feels. I didn't expect it so i walked away. After that, she still speaks to me first and i still draw pictures for her but she gives me no comment on them.

Fast forward about a few months and i draw this picture for her about a version of a character she had told me she liked a while back. After that she starts to avoid me and doesn't speak to me unless i speak to her first. When i greet her in the hall, she speaks with a high pitched voice but looks down. When she is around her family, she will see me but get up and leave. I needed some assistance in the office she works in and she clearly saw me but did not help me until someone told her i needed help with something. Now when i talk to her, she gives one word answers, won't make eye contact, but i catch her glancing at me sometimes. I caught her staring at me from the corner of my eye one day while i was working.

The more i talk to her, the more nervous i get because i think I'm making her feel uncomfortable. She is trying to warm up a little and i found out that we share a lot of common interest. When we do have a long conversation, I'm doing most of the talking but she just listens.

Does she hate me? Is she falling for me? What did i do?


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  • Ask... Her? This is a tough one. Talk to her and see if she is okay, is she needs help, if everything is alright, etc. This seem like a drastic mood shift, and that never bodes well...

    • Her friends that know her told me she was really shy and reserved and i sorta figured that out on my own.
      She has never admitted to me that she is shy. When i talk to her she never seems like she wants to leave, i always leave the conversation first.

    • Yeah, see if you can get to the root of the shift though. I think your answer and oppertunity lie there

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  • maybe there's an outside negative influence?


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