How do I get my boyfriend to take initiative?

My boyfriend is almost terrified of pushing me too far, so I always have to make the first move. Is there anything I can do (that isn’t outrightly telling him this) that can get him to start making the first move and initiating things? Like he won’t kiss me for like more than a second or two, and he won’t hold me or anything. How can I get him to do that?


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  • Well you could tell him how you feel. He'll never really know unless you communicate with him

    • Looks like another MHO, eh?

      hmm, i wonder if it's cause it's the ONLY OTHER GUY THAT ANSWERED

      AND YOU"RE ALLOWED TO PICK TWO of the same gender

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  • Communication is key. You will either get him to change his behaviors, or you will find that you two are incompatible.
    As long as you understand the implications of that, you'll be fine.

    • looks like a biased MHO to me

      not the TRUTH

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    • @clarinet89 You're claiming your opinion as fact, that was your first mistake. It's illogical to even call your opinion the truth. You clearly don't understand the basics of creating and supporting an argument.

    • my opinion here, is fact. ITS THE TRUTH

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  • you shouldn't be having a boyfriend, at your age. I don't condone this, and will not help you

    • "I don't condone this" who are you? My 100 year old puritan grandfather? What kind of person thinks 16, junior year of high school, is too young to date? I have a car and a job, and so does he. There aren't really any layers of maturity needed for the relationship that I just described.

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    • it's clear to you, that you don't know how to live life

    • im done commenting. i think you need to get off your high horse though, bye bye

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