I really need help with this? mom trouble and guy problem?

Okay I don't how to start this but i meant someone who is amazing he 4 years younger then me though well he is a virgin and he said is scared to have sex but for some reason not with me i like him a lot. but he said he would try to be the best boyfriend. and i want to be best girlfriend but we both agreed to take it slow. but it so weird and amazing how you meet someone fall hard for them. but i'm having hard time since he's a virgin when the time is right having sex cause i'm not a virgin i'm freaked out if i have sex with him he might leave me become a man whore but he says he is very loyal wouldn't leave me. so i believe i'm just scared he is scared. on top of my mother who very narcissistic bipolar is trying to ruin it she stopping me from living my life i have no where to go i'm stuck in the middle of no where no car and she sucking me dry of money. i'm worried about so much right now guys i need so much advice on both problems i can't sleep my mother is making me sick and i'm worried i'm going to hurt this guy or him become a man whore


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  • Just take it slow and breathe. You have more to worry about with your mom than the guy. The guy will get more comfortable with you. As for your mom save whatever you can money wise, don't tell her about it though


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