I ended up hanging out with a girl I asked out for a coffee date, do I read into it?

So tonight I was at a bar where I was having an event. This girl that I know was at the event and I asked her out for a coffee date a few days ago. I thought it would be awkward, but we sat at the bar with a mutual friend having convo, then at one point it was just us. After a few of us went to another bar to hang out and me and her were sitting across from each other the whole time. I thought it would be awkward since she basically said she wasn't interested when I asked her out, saying she had to fly to a meeting that day I suggested (she told me the night before)... but it wasn't awkward and almost like I hadn't even asked her out. Do I read into it even though she pretty much said she wasn't interested?


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  • Take a chance and ask her out again. Make it a low key event that doesn't necessarily sound like a date.


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