Why did he do this?

ok, my friends with benefits and I have a great situation right now. everything's fine. he is usually the one who pursues me and initiates the "hookups" he always calls or texts first. and usually never turns me down if I tell him I wanna come see him. well friday I told him that I wanted to come see him. he responded back, "ok I let you know, might be going out." and I said ok let me know asap please so if you can't I will make other plans. well my other friend kept asking me to go out with her that night so I text him back "well maybe we should do our own things this time, my friend keeps begging me to meet her out but let me know what your plan is just incase" he responded that he would. well a few hours later I text him something about something totally unrelated to us hooking up but it was a question asking him what was going on with him and another coworker of ours just curious. and he said "nothing". I left it at that and I guess so did he.he never text me about if we could hook up or not and I didn't text him because I figured I'm not gonna bother him I let him know that I was game and I left it at that. I think I made a mistake about asking him about our coworker because I remember one night him and I were talking about stuff and he was asking me who I was messing around with besides him and I was asking him the same thing and this girl came up. so I'm afraid I looked stupid asking him again, it just came up because I heard her and another coworker talking about him quietly. did he not text me because of that you think or just maybe because he knew I had something to do and he was probably going out. or why didn't he say something when we were texting about that girl? he could've just told me then that we could not hook up. and he hasn't text me since friday and usually he only goes a day without texting me.whatdya think?

well, I had a talk with him the other night and we both agreed that we are feeling more for each other than just friends so we are going to cut back on the benefits part so we can salvage the friendship. he is the one who said he was getting scared
that he was developing stronger feelings but I suggested that we stop the sex. of course, him being a man, he wasn't too happy about that but he said he knows we probably should and he can't force me to do anything so it's all good :)


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  • Yes, he's got another girl friend without any doubt. Whether it's the one you mentioned to him or not I can't say,he's not sure if it will work out with her so he wants to keep you sort of 'in reserve.'

    And maybe that's fine with you, I don't know, but I would bet that is what is going on with him.

    • I would say the best way to find out is to ask him. None of us on here know him any better than you do, and you might end up getting advice on here that isn't necesseraily accurate because all we can do is give our opinion but that doesn't make it right. The only thing I can say is you two seem to be taking it beyond a friends with benefits relationship. Usually friends with benefits don't ask questions they just reap the benefits, lol.

    • It's a thin line between a patsy and a friend with benefits, isn't it??

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