Where are the best places to meet guys?

Where are the best places and ways to meet nice, single guys? I live in a rural area and have absolutely no friends who could hook me up with someone, and I don't want to go through the hassle of online dating.

Does anyone have any advice on where I could possibly meet the man of my dreams?Where are the best places to meet guys?


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  • Stores you like and grocery stores, public transit, any hobbies you are into (get the meetup app; you can join groups and hang out with people with similar interests), you could try the gym, and you could try going to college to get a degree and meet a guy😂

  • In general, places you interact with people. Those can be different places for different people. It's even better if you enjoy being at those places. I know it can be very hard, especially in a rural area I bet.


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  • A best way to meet a guy is by doing a hobby you like and running into someone else doing that hobby.

    ie pottery class, biking on a trail, take your dog to a dog park, go to a concert you like.

    And doing the things you like and running into a guy doing the same stuff is the best


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